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Targeting Lebanon’s Most Precious Commodity: Human Capital

Habib C. Malik

Associate Professor of History (retired), Lebanese American University

Senior Fellow on Lebanon at the Philos Project

Senior Fellow at ERPIC

Varosha-Famagusta: Historical Commentary

Fanoulla Argyrou



Promoting Liberal Democracy in the Eastern Mediterranean
George Chr. Pelaghias, Marta Murzanska, Dr. John M. Nomikos, A. Th. Symeonides, Dr. Ehud Eiran
Editors: Elie Friedman, Yair Hirschfeld and Judith Stelmach


Cyprus in the UN Archives: January 1974 – December 1974
Editor: Marta Murzanska
Andreas J. Jacovides, Cleanthis Soleas, Klearchos A. Kyriakides, Christodoulos G. Pelaghias


Turkish Islamic Organizations in Europe
Marta Murzanska

Research Fellow
December 2016

The Many-Faced Ideology of Political Islam and Its Challenge to Liberal Democracy
Marta Murzanska
Research Fellow
August 2016


Groups Rights and Individual Rights – Can They Coexist?
Carla Calvo Mañosa
Research Fellow
May 2014


Regime of Islands
Andreas Jacovides Ambassador (a.h.)
July 2013


Delimitation Practice in the Eastern Mediterranean
Andreas Jacovides Ambassador (a.h.)
July 2007


Current Issues of the Law of the Sea and Their Relevance to Cyprus
Andreas Jacovides
Roundtable Presentation
June 2009

The Legal Principles Governing the Control of National Airspace and Flight Information Regions and Their Applications to the Eastern Mediterranean
Dr. Nicholas Grief
Professor of Law, Bournemouth University
Barrister-at-law, Doughty Street Chambers, London
October 2009

Is the Israeli-Palestinian-Arab Conflict Interactabale?
Dr. Avishai Ehrlich
Professor, University of Tel Aviv, Israel
23 October 2009

The Lessons of Lancaster House Fifty Years On: The Importance and Contemporary Relevance of the Lancaster House Conference and Zurich-London Agreements of February 1959
Dr. Klearchos A. Kyriakides
Senior Lecturer and Solicitor
University of Hertfordshire
May 2009