European Rim Policy and Investment Council (ERPIC)

ERPIC is an independent non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to the study of political and economic issues affecting Cyprus, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

ERPIC runs three working programs that are at the core of its activities: the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Security Program; the Democracy and Rule of Law Program; and the Energy Program.

ERPIC produces and disseminates original electronic media content, such as interviews, presentations, special briefings, and conferences addressing international law and human rights, democracy building, regional security and energy matters in the Eastern Mediterranean region. ERPIC also organizes live roundtables and seminars featuring diplomats, academics and policymakers.

ERPIC is a founding member of the East Med Forum, an electronic, online discussion forum, the purpose of which is to serve as a platform for the exchange of information and ideas, facilitate intraregional cross-border, cross-industry and cross-cultural dialogue, which aims at creating a framework for regional cooperation.

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