Cyprus as a Security Producer; Policy Options for the Future
Lars Wedin
November 2009


The global geopolitical setting is undergoing profound change. The fact that G20 replaced G8 during the present economic crisis, illustrate this thesis. An aging Europe will have to meet new centers of power in Asia and South America. USA will still be a very important player but its relative power is in decline. The future of Russia is in doubt. The struggle for resources – in particular in Africa – will be increasingly in tense. Simultaneously, it is possible to identify an arc of crisis going from Western Africa through the Mediterranean to Central Asia. Cyprus is strategically located at this arc.

This paper will focus on two issues: Firstly it will give a short analysis on the present geopolitical situation and in particular the state of play in what one can refer to as the “arc of crisis” and, secondly, it will focus on Cyprus and what potential role Cyprus can play within European security and defense policy.