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2 February, 2016

East Mediterranean Energy: A Discussion of Possibilities
Live Webcast with Mr Gary Lakes, Co-Director of ERPIC Energy Program and 
Editor of Global Sources Magazine

26 January, 2016

The Economic Dimensions of a Cyprus Settlement
Live Webcast with Dr. Aris Petasis

19 January, 2016

The Meaning of ‘Bi-Communalism’ and its Consequences for Cyprus and the European Union
Live Webcast with
Dr Klearchos A. Kyriakides, Director of ERPIC’s Democracy and Rule of Law Program.

6 October, 2015

Long-Term Turkish Strategy on Cyprus as Recorded in the British National Archives
Live Webcast with Mrs. Fanoulla Argyrou, London-based Researcher & Journalist

24 September 2015

The Future Cyprus Settlement: Lessons from Lebanon
Live Webcast with Associate Professor Habib Malik, History and Cultural Studies, Lebanese American University

27 May 2015

Evolving Global Terrorism Threat in and around the Mediterranean
Speaker: Fernando Reinares, Senior Analyst, Elcano Royal Institute, Spain

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